Mars Petcare launches Lovebug dry catfood vary made out of bugs | Information


Mars Petcare has launched a new brand of cat food made entirely from insects.

Called Lovebug, it is a dry cat food made from insect meal from black soldier fly larvae as well as “essential nutrients such as amino acids” and a vegan coating.

It is the first 100% insect-based cat food launched by a major supplier in the UK (although it is made in Germany).

Mars bills the NPD, created in partnership with sustainability company Futerra, as a much more sustainable option than petcare brands from competitors with a smaller environmental footprint.

The beetles used in the recipe were fed excess vegetables and “take up 80% less land than beef per pound of protein, which means land use is reduced,” Mars said.

They come from a farm that runs exclusively on renewable energies. “So Lovebug really is a more sustainable source of protein,” he added.

The food is “great for cats teeth, easy to digest and balanced with a healthy mix of amino acids and good fats and micronutrients that cats need to thrive,” it added.

“I’ve heard some people say that eating insects is gross. We believe cats will disagree, ”said Deri Watkins, European President of Mars Pet Nutrition. “While we make cats happy, we want to make cat lovers happy too. With Lovebug, you don’t have to worry about your environmental footprint. “

The brand has “innovations on the way to enable pet parents to make more sustainable choices,” he added.

Lovebug will be available in fully recyclable 1kg bags in the coming weeks (rsp: £ 12.99).