Mars launches insect-based cat-food | Meals Business Information


Lovebug – protein from larvae of the Black Soldier Fly

Mars’ pet food division is launching an insect-based brand for cats in the UK after separately announcing this week that the confectionery major is planning to invest in a US factory to ramp up production on its Royal Canin line.

The introduction of Lovebug “marks an important milestone in the journey for pet parents looking for delicious, nutritious food with a lower environmental footprint,” Mars Petcare said in a statement saying the brand would be the UK’s first insect-based cat food.

Black Soldier Fly larvae are the main ingredient in Lovebug and provide amino acids, fatty acids, and minerals.

Deri Watkins, European President of Mars Pet Nutrition, said: “I’ve heard some people say that eating insects is gross. We think cats disagree. With Lovebug, they don’t have to worry about their environmental footprint . It’s just like that. ” In the beginning we have innovations on the way so that pet parents can make more sustainable choices. ”

Lovebug is dry cat food for adult cats and contains a “mixture of amino acids and good fats and micronutrients”. Lovebug comes in a one-kilogram recyclable, plastic-free bag and sells online for £ 12.99 ($ ​​17.89).

Earlier this week, Mars announced it would invest $ 390 million in a new facility in Ohio for the Royal Canin pet food brand, which builds on an expansion project in Tennessee.