Gujarat Termites Eat Up Rs 2 Lakh Money Stored In Financial institution Of Baroda Locker


Money is no longer safe in a safe deposit box either. A man from Vadodara, Gujarat, lost 2.20 lakh in cash after termites ate the banknotes held in his safe deposit box in the Bank of Baroda branch in Pratap Nagar, town. ALSO READ | The Bank of Baroda is now the third largest lender as Dena, Vijaya, merges with the state bank

According to media reports, the man identified as Rehna Qutubddin Desarwal reportedly kept the wads of money in locker No. 252 that were being eaten by termites. The account holder found out about this when he reached the bank to collect his money.

Desarwal was shocked by the incident and later filed a complaint with the bank director and asked for his money back. He asked the bank to refund the money he lost due to the termites.

While the bank has asked him to file a cash replacement claim, the incident has raised questions about the security of the Bank of Baroda branch. It has also been shown that money in safe deposit boxes is no longer safe.