‘Gross’ Bunnings merchandise vanishes bugs


It’s summer so you know what that means – fly, fly everywhere.

Since most of us try to keep our homes cool by keeping the windows open, it means that many of us have been struck by flies entering our interiors.

But one mom shared how a 99-cent Bunnings product, available in a 5-pack for $ 4.95, saved her home from flies – and best of all, there is no odor and hardly any Maintenance is required.

When the woman in the group posted Bunnings Mums Australia, she shared how she bought a five-pack of The Buzz Mini Insect Pot Traps and placed them in indoor plants around her house.

The traps work by sticking them in the dirt from house plants that you may have. Then, when insects and flies land on them, the sticky surface traps them.

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“Ladies, if you have a problem with flies in your home and you don’t want to spray nasty chemicals, invest in some,” she wrote.

“That’s only from today! When I throw it out, it’s usually covered in flies. “

The woman said that the best fly traps had “no smell at all”.

Her post soon received dozens of comments from people who agreed that the sticky fly traps were the “best invention” when they were a little “gross”.

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“I love her,” wrote one person.

“That looks incredibly satisfying. Thank you very much! “Another commented.

Others said they couldn’t wait to try a person who commented, “Thanks, I need this for my fruit fly infestation.”

“Usually I turn into a ninja with the clap while my kids laugh at me … I’ll buy this one, then I’ll laugh!” another person wrote.

But some said they were already fans of the cheap fly fix, warning that they could be hard to come by.

“They are sold out here,” complained one person, while another said they had “been looking for insect traps for months”.


Another trick to keep flies from getting into your home caught on on Facebook last year. Countless mothers have shared how simply hanging a zip lock bag of water and some coins over your door – or an open window – will keep them away.

While this chemical-free hack has been around for a while, it has achieved cult status on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group.

Within the group, which is based on the many tips from English cleaning influencer Sophie Hinchcliffe, countless mothers have shared how the hack changed their homes.

One woman said she hadn’t seen a fly in weeks since the hack, while another said it worked like magic.

“I have no idea how or why this utter witchcraft works, but it works!” one person wrote.

“We live on a working farm and were driven crazy by large, lively flies two days ago. Put this up and they are literally gone. Not even dead on window sills just disappeared! “Another person shared.