‘Flying ants are swarming London’: Londoners react after tens of millions of bugs invade capital


It’s that time of year again when flying ants are everywhere.

The winged insects swarm across the sky throughout July and August, mainly because a queen and a flock of males leave a nest at this time.

Unfortunately, it is common for Londoners to encounter the winged creatures this week.

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Flying ants aren’t dangerous, but they can be painful

According to social media, all of London is teeming with flying ants.

On Twitter, one person said, “The flying ants hit London and I’m not here for that.”

Another said, “Sure this wildlife would thrive elsewhere? But those flying ants chose London?”

“Oh god, it’s flying ants day in London. Just found one on my neck,” said a third.

A fourth added, “I have these ants in my face mask.”

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It is fair to say that some people did not enjoy being with flying ants every time they left their home.

“Those flying ants are literally swarming in London today. I prefer to hide inside,” said one Londoner.

Another added, “Ughhhhhh, it’s flying ants day in London. They are everywhere.”

A third said: “London avoids flying ants.”

Flying Ant Day – scientifically known as a wedding flight – happens when a young queen leaves the nest to find her own colony, reports Mirror Online.

They mate with the strongest males in flight before landing and establishing their own colonies in a new location.

Although the name suggests that it is a 24-hour event, the Flying Ant Day usually takes place over several days.

Did you notice the flying ants? Let us know in the comments below!

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