Florida has the best variety of termite species within the nation – WFTV

Florida has the best variety of termite species within the nation – WFTV

ORLANDO, Fla. – They’re small pests that can do a lot of damage – we’re talking termites.

Florida has the highest number of termite species in the country, but we also have a pest control college to fight back.

Florida loses $1 billion each year to termite damage.

In Apopka, the University of Florida’s Pest Management University trains inspectors to spot infestations.

“We have some of the worst of the worst in the state of Florida,” said Faith Oi, a professor of entomology at the University of Florida.

With 23 species – seven of them invasive – Florida is the termite capital of America.

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Warm weather encourages large colonies.

The university uses a “home” as a classroom. The only one of its kind in the state, it teaches 300 students each year how to identify and treat pests.

To keep termites out of your home, keep a 6-inch control room along the top of your home.

Also, keep gravel or mulch from building up in the area. Minimize the wood’s contact with the ground and don’t allow the watering to spray the side of your home.

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A drywood termite produces six-sided fecal pellets called “frass”.

You should check old furniture for “frass” before bringing it into your home.

Termites have a natural tendency to hide from larger animals.

Often the only evidence termites exist is the damage they cause. There could be up to a million of them living within your walls and under your home.

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It is recommended that termite inspections be scheduled once a year by professionals with a “Wood Destroying Organisms Inspector” endorsement on their ID card.

All termite species can be controllable, but if you need treatment, get three different quotes.

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