Brett Geddes on THAT Memorable Termite Second

Brett Geddes on THAT Memorable Termite Moment


While The Boys season 3 might never have been produced on most platforms a generation ago (perhaps outside of HBO), it has become a streaming classic for Amazon Prime Video as one of the most talked about shows in a very long time. A standout moment from the three seasons involved since its release in 2020 Brett Geddes, who played Termite, a parody of DC’s Atom and Marvel’s Ant-Man. The hero can shrink and expand to almost any size. Given the nature of comics and the Prime Video series, that can be creative in so many depraved places. Geddes spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his signature scene involving lots of cocaine, blood and a huge constructed penis in the midst of the orgy.

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Brett Geddes’ Moment to Shine as Termite in The Boys

“Oh yes, I was naked on set. I jumped in that penis,” Geddes recalled telling his girlfriend when she asked him what he did on The Boys. “I was just so excited to tell her about it.” While exploring the kink of being in his boyfriend (Jarrett Siddall), Termite loses control of his power and expands at an inopportune time. Termite is left in a predicament after killing his lover in the process and his remains splattering all over the room…and him.

To round out the scene, the crew built an 11ft tall, 30ft long prosthetic penis, ridges, veins and everything to get Geddes going. The actor auditioned for roles in previous seasons before landing Termite. “It was just a regular audition for me,” he recalled. “I received a self-adhesive request. The only difference was that there was a height requirement for it, which was about 5ft 8 to 5ft 10 to jump in the penis.” More details on the auditions, his initial feelings about nudity, and all the gory and intimate details about the For execution of the scene, see the rest of the interview here.

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