Bolton: Man at finish of tether after concern with rodents in Jubilee Home

Bolton: Man at end of tether after issue with rodents in Jubilee House

A 68-year-old man says he is “at the end of his rope” after saying rodents climbed onto his windowsill while he was watching TV.

Steve Parker of Jubilee House says he has had a rodent problem since moving in last June.

He says he often sees rats and mice, and that a few times he’s seen them walking around the apartment and found mouse droppings on his windowsill.

Steve has set several humane traps but doesn’t feel like it’s having any impact.

He said: “When I moved in I could see the place had problems with mice and it’s been like this for a while now.

“I saw mice and rats in the apartment and one resident caught two mice.

“I’ve spent a lot of money on humane traps and mouse and rat repellents.

“It makes me feel unclean and I want to be supported.”

Steve explained that one of his neighbors managed to get rid of them, but that they would have to pay for a service.

He also said other residents also had an issue with them, with some residents seeing them in the common areas.

Bolton at Home has since apologized for the problem residents have been experiencing at the apartments, despite undertaking work to “try to resolve it”.

The Bolton News: Steve RobertsSteve Roberts (Picture: Public)

The housing association said that following a recent inspection in November they are “implementing proposed measures to bring the situation under control”.

A spokesman for Bolton at Home said: “We are aware that some customers living at the Jubilee House have had problems with mice.

The Bolton News: Traps for catching rodentsTraps for catching rodents (Picture: Public)

“We apologize that the problem persists, although a number of works are being carried out to resolve it.

“Our external pest control partner last carried out a thorough inspection of the building in November and we are implementing the measures they suggested to get the situation under control.

“We thank our customers for their patience and will keep them informed as we continue to work on this and monitor progress.”

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