Alleghany works to clear rodents from faculty; will determine on reopening Sunday

Alleghany works to clear rodents from school; will decide on reopening Sunday

The Alleghany Highlands School System closed Sharon Elementary School on Friday after rodents were sighted in the building.

In a statement on Friday, the school system said: “The school has been closed as a precautionary measure to protect the health and well-being of our students and staff. Maintenance personnel were on site Friday, working aggressively to resolve the issue and remove the rodents from the building. An exterminator was on site to assist in this effort.

“AHPS leaders continue to work closely with the Virginia Department of Health and other regulatory agencies to ensure the building is properly sanitized and cleaned before students and staff return. The VDH Department of Environment and Health has been very supportive of the steps we are taking to resolve the issue. We also work closely with the Alleghany County Department of Public Works.

“Our goal remains to resume classes with Sharon as soon as possible. Please also understand that we know that Sharon is a very clean school with very dedicated staff. We appreciate the continuous hard work of all employees. We will update the public as information becomes available. The decision to resume classes on Monday will be made by 7 p.m. on Sunday.”