Financial institution Prepared to Substitute Aged Couple’s R6 400 Destroyed by Termites ▷ South Africa information


  • All is not lost for the elderly couple who recently shared their grief over the loss of KSh 48,000 rescued from under the bed to termites
  • This is because the Bank of Uganda has expressed its willingness to exchange the damaged banknotes for new currencies
  • In a tweet, the bank’s currency director hinted that the couple should take the money to the nearest branch for help

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On Friday, July 30th, Short messages shared the heartbreaking story of Tito Okema and his wife, Bicentina Alal, who lost R6 400s saved on termites.

Bicentina Alal reveals the destroyed notes they took out of the box. Photo credit: The Independent.
Source: UGC

The couple had refused a lot for three years trying to save the money made selling papyrus mats, poultry, dried cassava chips, and pets.

The 80-year-old Tito and his 75-year-old wife Bicentina had kept the bills in small denominations in a metal case under their bed.

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The elderly couple, who live with their six grandchildren in the village of Kali-Kali in the Layima subdistrict in Uganda, shouted for help exchanging the damaged banknotes.

Public calls for help

When their story aired in the media, the public used various online channels to get the Bank of Uganda (BOU) to help them by replacing the money.

Benjamin Patrick:

“Let them take it to BOU, they will replace it. This is called maimed or dirty money and BOU can replace it.”

Robert M. Lubanda:

“This is not a loss, it is still legal tender. You must either take it to a Bank of Uganda branch in the area or to a bank there.”

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“She can get replacement bills free of charge from the Bank of Uganda. The job of the central bank is to control the flow of money and if the banknotes are old or damaged, they are replaced.”

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Response from the Bank of Uganda

The Daily Monitor reports that BOU replied that they tried to reach out to the couple with advice to contact their Gulu branch to replace the banknotes.

“We know they don’t have a phone number and we are waiting for a good Samaritan to connect them and get help,” tweeted BOU currency director Christine Alupo.

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Termites eat the R6k of an elderly couple that they have kept in a metal case for 3 years

80-year-old Tito Okema and his 75-year-old wife, Bicentina Alal, had kept the bills in a metal case and were shocked when they opened the box to check the money.

When they checked their money box a month ago, Alal announced that all the money was intact, but they noticed that the metal case was covered in mud.

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Termites eat the R6k of an elderly couple that they have kept in a metal case for 3 years

When they opened it, they were shocked to find that all the notes had been ravaged by termites.

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