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  • Two weeks ago, an elderly couple came to the media asking for help replacing KSh 48k that had been destroyed by termites
  • Faced with increasing public pressure, the Bank of Uganda offered to replace the damaged banknotes for them
  • There’s more to laugh about as a chemical company added KSh 49k to them to increase their savings

A few days ago the Bank of Uganda announced its readiness to exchange the damaged KSh 48,000 of an elderly couple that had been chewed by termites.

The couple poses with employees of Quality Chemicals Limited. Photo credit: Quality Chemicals Limited.
Source: Twitter

80-year-old Tito Okema and his wife Bicentina Alal (75) came to the fore for help after discovering that the money they had kept in a suitcase under their bed had been destroyed.

It was money they had saved over a period of three years selling pottery, wood carving, poultry, and farming.

More good news

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The better news is that a chemical company gave the couple 1.6 million US shillings (KSh 49,000) to add to their savings.

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They were also given bottles of the termite killer Termidor to help eliminate the termite problem.

“It must have been devastating for you as a family. And that’s why Quality Chemicals Limited decided to donate bottles of termite killing treatment, Termidor and 1.6 million shillings to help them completely eradicate the termite problem and top up their savings, ”read a tweet from Quality Chemicals Limited.

Where everything began

When Alal and Tito hit the headlines about their damaged money, internet users called on the Bank of Uganda to help replace the damaged banknotes.

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It was a riot that worked when they were told to go to the nearest branch in Gulu and show the money for the aid.

“We know they don’t have a phone number and are waiting for a good Samaritan to connect them, whereupon they will be helped,” tweeted BOU currency director Christine Alupo.

The aging couple is blessed with six grandchildren to live with in the Kali-Kali village of Rec Iceke Parish, Layima Subdistrict, Uganda.

If you look at recent developments, the couple will have an even better year after a period of sadness and uncertainty.

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