Whitney, LLP: Landlords really feel the monetary ache of Mattress Bug bites | 2021-05-11 | Press Releases


BALTIMORE , May 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – In September 2019 , Jessica Moore and By Carroll Jr. signed a lease for a second floor apartment on East Pratt Street in Baltimore , Maryland. Soon, Jessica Moore experienced itchy swollen skin lesions. in the December 2019 During treatment at St. Agnes Hospital, she was told to look for bed bugs. She found it two days later. The apartment manager sprayed the apartment and then hired a pest control company, but the infestation continued. Moore and Carroll Jr moved out and filed a lawsuit in the Baltimore Circuit Court against landlord S&J Holding, LLC and the apartment manager.

in the February 2021 , the case settled $ 135,000 . “Landlord in Maryland are required to provide infestation-free homes, including bed bug-free homes, at the start of the lease, “he said Daniel Whitney, Jr. by Whitney, LLP, attorney for Moore and Carroll Jr. “Before signing the lease, the landlord treated himself with heat and chemicals, and our clients reported that there was no history of self-treatment and infestation in the home and adjoining units so was.” passed on to them prior to signing the lease. ”

Bed bugs are common in rental properties and are known to be difficult to treat unless handled by a licensed pest control company.

Bed bugs, although tiny at around 3/16 th of inches are a big problem in Baltimore . According to Orkins Bed Bug City List 2021 Baltimore is the second most infested city after Chicago . Ben Hottel One orkin entomologist noted that “their ways of hiding in hard-to-find cracks and crevices, once introduced into a room, can make them difficult to control”.

“Many consumers are unaware that they have legal remedies to protect them from bed bugs and can receive substantial compensation for bed bug claims,” ​​he said Daniel Whitney, Jr. “Tenants don’t have to endure unsafe, unhealthy environments that endanger themselves and their loved ones.”

Whitney, LLP law firm has roughly recovered $ 14,000,000 in judgments and settlements for victims of bed bugs, especially those with infestations in hotels, apartments and holiday homes in Maryland .

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