Viral video reveals rodents at American Deli; restaurant pressured to shut briefly | Information


DECATUR, Georgia (CBS46) – A viral video now posted online shows mice crawling around and forcing the American Deli on South DeKalb Mall to close.

The video posted by Deandre Clark shows four mice crawling on the shelves of the restaurant.

The DeKalb County Environmental Health Department inspected the deli on Friday within an hour of receiving the complaint. The inspector found indications of a severe rodent infestation.

The county’s health officials have suspended the approval of American Deli and forced the restaurant to close until the issue is resolved.

“It’s pretty worrying,” said Dee Leonard, a shopper at South DeKalb Mall. “I wouldn’t expect it to be in a public place like this. A restaurant where families eat.”

This is not the first time this restaurant has had problems. The restaurant passed a routine inspection with a score of 61 back in March and was found to have a cockroach problem just days later.

Some shoppers we spoke to say that if it happens at a restaurant inside the mall, they are now concerned that it could happen elsewhere.

It’s everywhere, “said Sheryl Johnson.” If it’s in one place and that place is inside the whole building, it’s all over. ”

DeKalb Health officials tell CBS46 that they have found rodent infestation at another restaurant in the food court called Benzino’s Crab Trap. However, Benzino’s is out of service and currently not in service. Every other restaurant was in good shape.

CBS46 reached out to American Deli corporate headquarters for comment, but we received no feedback.

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