The way to do away with rats: ‘Very offensive’ smelling vegetation to discourage rodents in winter

How to get rid of rats: ‘Very offensive’ smelling plants to deter rodents in winter

Rodent infestations are common during the winter months when animals, including rats, seek shelter from the cold. However, rats pose a major hygiene hazard as they can carry a number of parasites and diseases. It is therefore extremely important to recognize and combat the infestation at an early stage.

Fantastic Pest Control pest control expert Jordan explained: “There is no doubt that rats are smart. They’re good at hiding until it’s too late.

“Rats usually come to your yard because it makes an excellent hiding place and constant source of food. You need to use some serious rat control methods or hire a professional to get rid of the rodents once they settle down.

“Most rats dig 45 cm to 60 cm deep, but can dig even deeper. However, remember that they can also burrow into a house by digging under its foundations.

“Your focus shouldn’t just be on catching the rats, but on deterring them. The first thing that comes to mind is poison and traps. Surrounding your yard with traps and poisonous stuff is not very practical when you have pets and children around.”

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The pest control expert notes: “When the rats smell you, they think your house has nothing to offer and run to your neighbor who probably doesn’t have a repellent border around the yard.

“The less clutter you have, the less inviting your yard will be to rats. The lawn is included. When your grass is tall, it’s perfect for hiding, so make sure you mow it regularly.

“Mend any holes in the walls and door and make sure there aren’t any cavities under the shed that could be hiding places. This will keep the rats out of the shed.”

Rats also like to hide in piles of wood, so you can prevent the rodent from entering your home by keeping a pile of wood away from your fence or house.

The expert recommended storing firewood at least three feet from any structure and at least 18 inches off the ground.

Jordan continued, “A trash can lock also ensures that rats and other wildlife are not attracted to the smell of organic waste.

“If rats want to get in, they don’t need a big hole. They can squeeze through any hole you can put a finger through.” It is therefore extremely important to ensure that there are no holes in the containers and no gaps in the walls.

This applies to both interior and exterior walls, so make sure they’re filled with steel wool, cement, or joint compound. This also helps keep the heat in the house during the winter months.

The pest expert adds: “Carrying is a non-toxic way to get rid of rats. Trapping has replaced rodenticides and harsh poisons as the most effective method of eliminating rats.

“Baits can be peanut butter, unsalted seeds, bananas, or apples. Be sure to set traps in areas with high activists. Keeping rats out of your garden and property takes time and consistency. It would be best to do a rat pest control as soon as you identify a rat infestation.”