The Finest Time Of Yr To Plant Roses, In accordance To A Gardening Skilled

The Best Time Of Year To Plant Roses, According To A Gardening Expert

If you don’t want to grow roses from seeds and would rather plant mature roses, you need to know the best time to shop. “One of the reasons spring is a great time to plant roses is simply because of the wide availability and variety at garden centers and online nurseries,” says Liz Will. “The big push for buying and planting is in spring, and the earlier you shop, the more choices you have to choose from. Also, commercial growers encourage roses to bloom in time for spring market sales. So you can see the flowers up close and choose a color or variety that suits you best.”

Before going shopping, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different types of roses. According to Jackson and Perkins, there are three main categories: ancient garden roses, wild roses, and modern garden roses. Each has its own planting and watering needs and flowering cycles. With a little research and heeding expert advice, you can find the perfect roses for your garden.