That is a wrap for gardening this yr

That is a wrap for gardening this yr

Life is a fascinating adventure. It’s easy to slip into a routine and ignore the subtle, magical annoyances that life offers. Especially in winter, more so than any other time of the year I guess.

Christmas madness is felt here with both tension and excitement. So, wherever you sit, whatever you have planned for today; Step back.

Watch as the birds chirp, chase each other to the bird feeder, and then suddenly retreat back to the safety of the nearby Hawthorn.

A snowy garden is still beautiful.

If you are lucky enough to have strong scents in the garden, then use them!

Take a few extra steps to the plant and sniff it instead of jumping straight into the car.

My Viburnum bonantense ‘Dawn’ offers me a worthwhile detour because of its wonderful winter scent.

My winter jasmine sparkles with its tiny yellow flower jewels.

Viburnum x botnantense ‘Dawn’ smells heavenly.

Here we go!

What have you really done this year? Think about it. Have you got your planned garden project off the ground?

Have you finally gotten out there and reduced the height of the hedge you were aiming for?

I might be getting a little philosophical for the gardening column, but life waits for no one. Period.

Words are wonderful, but actions speak for themselves. The good news is that if you’re reading this, it’s not too late.

Jasminum nudiflorum puts you in a good mood.

I’ve been guilty of not spending enough time in my own garden at home because I usually finish after work.

But this week I snuggled on out there and had my wreaths made for the doors. I’ve also continued with the end-of-season cleanup. The leaves to be raked up were collected and piled up on the pile of leaves.

Clematis, Parthenocissus and Hederas have been pruned back to their appropriate growth points.

The pots of annual plants were weeded of anything harmful and then placed on the compost heap. The herb was eventually cut back. Buddleia has been reduced by half to prevent winter root rock.

Newly gathered leaves piled up to the point of decaying into leaf mold.

My raised beds, used for growing vegetables this spring, summer and fall, have been converted into a temporary nursery for cuttings that I have grown in pots.

The free-draining sandy loam soil is ideal for housing them. Cuttings of Sambucus nigra, Buddleia globosa, gooseberries and roses.

Mother-in-law Jill is a prolific sniper! Definitely a propagation fanatic. If you see them running around your yard, beware.

Stems will be missing while her bag is bulging.

I am grateful nonetheless, as I have the results of their copious plundering in my own garden.

Clematis is one of those plants that should be cut back.

will you really do it

Christmas is only five nights away. The week after is New Year’s. Enjoy it. But from January 2nd, let’s do it, shall we?

Let’s shake off procrastination and do what we REALLY want to do.

My garden is now a full year after I moved in. I gave him the full year to show me what he’s made of. All hidden plants. Surprises have indeed surfaced.

The great results of the previous owners hard work. However, I intend to make it my own. It requires planning, organization, thought, diligence and a solid implementation plan.

I’m sure your garden will be the same. Is it the best Are you satisfied with that? Can you do more? What’s not going so well? Think.

Raised beds are a great idea in the garden.

Full Monty

The beautiful Christmas and January issues of the garden magazines are here. Wreath making instructions aside, what comes to mind is Monty Don in a heavy sweater, looking content in his shed.

He will have a cup of coffee and plan the garden for the year. Our wise leader stares wistfully out of the window at the garden behind in deep thought.

Dreamy and lovely. However, as a professional gardener, I don’t have the comfort blanket to decide when I feel like gardening.

I’m out there Wind, hail, rain, snow. I have work to do!

TV gardener Monty Don likes to plan.

Home even though it’s a different world. Monty’s idyllic January schedule isn’t a million miles off here. When the weather is like hell, sitting inside with a cup of coffee and getting fired into planning isn’t the worst thing in the world.

bring pen to paper. You can also. Think about your dream garden. Don’t be afraid to dream big. Once you have it, plan how to start using it.

Momentum will build and next is Christmas 2023. You stare proudly at the hard-earned results of your efforts. In the meantime, Merry Christmas 2022 and a Happy New Year.

I hope I kept you happy in Jim’s absence. I promise some belters for 2023. Thanks for reading.

Scott’s homemade wreath from his garden.

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[That’s a wrap for gardening this year]