Termites eat Rs 5 lakh stored in trunk, proprietor distributes broken notes to youngsters


In a shocking incident from Andhra Pradesh, a businessman lost Rs 5 lakh to termites. His money was kept in a suitcase that later turned into scrap pieces, and large holes were found in the bundles of 500 and 200 rupees.

According to the India Today report, the incident occurred with Bijli Jamalayya, a resident of Milavaram. He is in shock after termites chatter about his earnings. Jamalayya is in the pig business and in that profession conducts cash transactions. Instead of having his money in the bank, he kept it in the trunk at home.

The small business owner piled up the money when his dream was to raise money and build a house for himself.

Jamalayya was shaken by the incident and distributed the damaged notes to local children who were playing in the street. When the boys saw the boys running around with so much money, they informed the police.

When the local police investigated the whole matter, it all came out openly.