‘Termites a contributor to poverty’

‘Termites a contributor to poverty’

Termites contribute to poverty, says National Federation Party candidate for 2022 general election, Sashi Kiran.

In an interview with the Fiji Times, she said the problem needs urgent attention.

“In the Western Division, we saw houses completely falling apart,” Ms. Kiran said.

“It is more difficult for the poor to get building materials.

“There is no help. “And what we find is that Biosecurity (Fijian authority) is telling us that they don’t have enough resources.

“So when people call them, they take the time and spray, and after that there’s no awareness, there’s no educating people.”

She said layoffs were spreading and the issue should be prioritized. “We are told by Lautoka that it went to Tavua, to Nadi and to Vanua Levu.

“People who can afford it can call the private facilities, so the issue needs urgent attention.”

Ms Kiran said neighboring countries are capable of dealing with the termite problem and Fiji should learn from them.

“They manage it, so we need to learn how to deal with the termite problems to prevent further spread.

“Buildings that are built into a building code and what support can we give to people who are already suffering so that they have sustainable homes.

“Right now a lot of people have been telling us, especially the poorer ones, that if a cyclone comes, our houses will collapse.”

She said there needs to be some sort of consultation with experts to figure out how to effectively address the issue.

“I’m not sure money is a solution because if we compromise wood, we’re told if we don’t have good building materials and people don’t buy them then they can get infested again, so I think there has to be a more sustainable solution.” be for it.”