Termite territory: Cellular seeing annual swarms, annoying individuals within the Port Metropolis


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MOBILE, Alabama (WALA) – Forget the cicadas that infiltrate the northeast, the port city experiences its annual termite invasion.

It’s crush season, and they’re reported everywhere from Midtown to West Mobile.

Mobile is termite territory, just ask Michael and Kathy Halunen.

“We were out in the driveway and they were swarming,” said Kathy.

“They just flew everywhere, but they’re heading for the light,” Michael said.

The last swarm of the weekend.

The Halunens have lived in the Smithfield subdivision for more than 30 years. It’s an annual tradition, you might say, but they’re prepared.

“I would never have a house without a bail and it doesn’t cost that much a year,” said Kathy.

In fact, their last pest inspection was the day before the swarm. Your house will get a clean health certificate.

“He was here Friday night, Saturday night crush,” said Michael. “All over the subdivision.”

Termites swarm in southern Alabama every spring.

The bugs are so bad that Orkin Mobile is ranked 34th best termite towns this year.

Kenny Redd, owner of Redd Pest Solutions, agrees that this is a bad place and they have been busy looking after them.

“We get calls every day, many, many calls every day, and have been for a few weeks,” he said.

To limit possible damage, keep your outdoor lights off at night to keep termites out.

Redd says there is a good chance a few will get into your house, but unless you see dozens or hundreds around the house, you shouldn’t worry.

“If you see damage on a wall, or if it comes out of a wall or out of your building, then you have a problem in your house,” he said.

Experts say if you think you have a termite problem it is best to call a pest control company so they can get to the root of the problem and make sure everything is okay.

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