Termite Occasions

Termite Occasions

Homeowners declare 2023
The year of XT2000 Orange Oil Plus

The family has been enjoying their home since Pacific Coast Termite successfully treated it with Orange Oil XT-2000 Plus for termites.

A solution derived from orange peels, commonly used in cleaning products, soaps and perfumes, has been shown to kill termites on contact. Throughout California’s Pacific Coast, Termite, one of the leading providers of orange oil treatments in the US, uses XT-2000 orange oil to kill termites. Unlike many competitors, PCT then adds Boracare to protect customers’ homes from recurring termites and supports their treatment with a free 2 year warranty on all work carried out. Pacific Coast Termite also offers extended warranty programs that offer homeowners complete protection against termite damage for years to come.

Besides the Christmas decorations, what is in your attic?

What's in your attic?  Unwelcome Pests?What’s in your attic? Unwelcome Pests?

Rodents can infest houses all year round, but winter creates special conditions for rodents seeking shelter from the cold and rain. Your home can become this shelter, as rodents can enter quarter-sized holes around ducts, vents, and under doors. Roofs, trees or shrubs can also give intruders easy access. A rodent in your home can pose potential dangers. Chewing electrical wires, pipes, and wood or nesting in attic insulation can lead to fires and even health hazards from feces and urine. Let the experienced termite rodent elimination team do one on the Pacific coast free inspection and treat your home at an extremely competitive price.

Keeps homes warm, energy bills down and pests out in the cold

Keep pests out in the cold!Keep pests out in the cold!

Holidays mean more trips to the loft for many California homeowners, often leading to discoveries beyond the decorations and tree lights of the seasons. Chewed wires, droppings, and damaged insulation are signs of a possible infestation and danger. Rodent droppings and urine can cause serious health problems and severely damage insulation.

TAP Pest Control Insulation offers an EPA-registered solution to control pests, save energy, absorb sound, and increase fire resistance in vulnerable areas of your home.

TAP kills bugs

Insects cannot build up a tolerance to TAP like they can with organic biological treatments, and you never need to retreat the insulation. TAP controls ants, cockroaches, silverfish, termites, earwigs, crickets, sow bugs, beetles, centipedes and book lice.

Safe, quiet and environmentally friendly, TAP with its fire retardant properties limits the spread of fire through both flame and smoldering resistance. It also helps create a peaceful oasis of calm and solitude by reducing noise levels coming through ceilings, walls or floors. Made from all-natural ingredients and recycled newspaper, you’ll control pests while saving energy and landfill space.

Save money and reduce energy costs

TAP helps homeowners stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter with convenient storage! TAP does not contain fiberglass, formaldehyde or other materials associated with increased health risks.

Give us a call at Pacific Coast Termite today and we can help keep the pests out of your home!