Spouse dons wedding ceremony gown round the home and whereas gardening to maintain romance alive


A woman still wears her wedding dress indoors – and sometimes even in the garden – to keep the romance alive in her marriage.

Danielle and Jake Wyatt tied the knot in May 2019 – but unlike most brides, she didn’t confine her dress to a dusty closet.

The 41-year-old florist now urges other couples to pull off their marital rags this Valentine’s Day.

Danielle still rocks her lacy wedding dress and veil for special occasions like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day dates, and enjoys lounging on the sofa while eating chocolate.

Sometimes she also wears the £ 1,000 garden dress just for laughs – but swaps her Jenny Packham bridal shoes for a more practical pair of rubber boots.

The 41-year-old, who has two children from a previous relationship, started her own flower company out of her garage in September, which has since grown into a booming company, Danielle Wyatt Flowers.

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Danielle Wyatt wears her wedding dress with rubber boots in front of her house

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Danielle from New Catton near Norwich, Norfolk, wears her wedding dress for a romantic evening in front of the TV for the most romantic day of the year, Sunday.

She urges other married couples to do the same to make Valentine’s Day more exciting.

But first she’ll drive her seven-year-old partner – dressed in his own green wedding suit – to deliver flowers to customers.

Danielle said: “I think it’s funny that most brides are so precious about their dress and it’s packed away and they never want anything on it and it becomes the thing that you just can’t touch.

“But I want to act against it and I sit and eat chocolate in it and I just think it’s funny, so I stood there and washed up with it and just took funny pictures of watching TV and eating milk and I just think it’s funny, that’s just my sense of humor.

Jake and Danielle Wyatt on their wedding anniversary in 2019

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“I did the gardening just to play around, but I don’t think about putting on my wedding dress and going into the garden in the morning.

“I put on my rubber boots and dig flower beds just to laugh. We tend not to take each other too seriously.”

Danielle, who trained to be a florist at her parents’ shop in Norwich as a teenager, said she was back wearing her beloved wedding dress within days of their wedding.

She added, “We walked around the garden with this because I knew I would never sell it, I wouldn’t leave it in the closet, so it just became something that hung around for a while. I didn’t put it away right away.

“Somehow I trampled through the garden with it.

“I think it’s a little bit true that it turned out to be something funny that we just did.

Danielle Wyatt says that sometimes she wears her dress just to watch TV and eat chocolate

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She laughed, “I can’t even make it anymore, it makes me too happy so I’ve put on weight, no, but we’re going to make it as far as possible and I’ll put the veil on my head.

“It’s full of mud and it has stuff on the front that I dropped and I think that’s just funny.

“It’s that 1,000-pound dress, but I don’t see the point in just wrapping it up and then finding someone when I’m dead.”

The happily married couple sometimes like to put on their wedding dresses for fun.

Danielle added, “Yeah, we did, he put on the dress and I wore the suit.

“That was right after the wedding.

“We still had that stuff hanging around and all of our gifts and things and he says he was looking forward to actually doing that.

“He looked even better.”

Urging others to dress in their old wedding gear for Valentine’s Day, Danielle added, “It just takes you back to that day and makes things and memories come alive again, and probably a lot of people will have to reconnect, you know, and get involved with it remember when they could go out and have happy times together. “

Her amorous husband added, “She just looks stunning and it brings her to life and of course it’s just a reminder of a really nice day that ensues.

“And of course I fully support her in using the dress.

“I’ve gotten very good use of my suit over the years, but the wedding dress is obviously fun.

“It’s absurd and flashy in a way. But just around the house we have it to pull out and play.

“We’re like children again.”