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Shade gardening options to your yard


CLINTON, Tenn. (WVLT) – Mass planting of shade-loving plants can add value to your flower beds while minimizing the need for weeds. In yards with lots of shade, several East Tennessee-native planting options are for you.

Avid gardener Adam Stair said he managed the lush, shady flower bed in front of his house by providing good soil and drainage first, and then filling it with shade-loving plants. “Shade gardening can be very easy,” said Stair. “Just look at the nature around you and see how the plants grow in the forest.”

This includes heirloom hostas that date back to his grandmother who was also an experienced gardener. These include ferns native to the Appalachian Mountains, as well as a valuable Japanese painted fern. both native and non-native varieties of bleeding heart; Mountain laurel, hydrangea made from oak leaves.

Stair said once he decides to add a plant to his shady bed he adds multiples to fill the space. “Three to five of the same plant and I plant them around in a group.” It leaves little to no space for unwanted plants. “When there is a mass of plants, it shades the flowerbed, shading seeds and weeds so the weeds don’t grow.”

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