Seed Library offers gardening assets to these in Delavan, Darien | Resorter


With the Seed Library, gardeners from Delavan and Darien can find what they need to grow vegetables at home – and then leave seeds behind to keep the library strong for years.

Delavan, library directors of Darien

A grant helped the Aram and Darien Public Libraries build the Seed Library, which opened on March 15. Pictured (left) are Darien Public Library Director Jeannine Heskett and Aram Public Library Director Michelle Carter.


Tomato, sunflower, and coriander are among the seeds that may be available in Delavan and Darien’s seed library.

Public libraries in Delevan and Darien launched a new resource this week to help local gardeners.

The Seed Library is a stand-alone, self-sustaining seed exchange program at Delavan’s Aram Public Library and the Darien Public Library.

It was launched under a grant from the American Library Association called Libraries Transforming Communities.

With an initial grant of $ 3,000, the Aram and Darien libraries were able to work together on the Seed Library and set up programs to support local food procurement and sustainability.

At the seed library, community members can borrow packages of different types of flowers, herbs, and vegetables for home gardening.

At the end of the season, gardeners can then return seeds to the library for next year’s inventory.

The seed collection varies depending on the donation and seasonality. Different seeds will be available at different times.

Available seeds can be cilantro, basil, tomato, sunflower, pumpkin, zinnia, bean salad, and pumpkin.

The library organizers are interested in all types of seeds, especially heirlooms and openly pollinated seeds. You don’t want any where pesticides have been used.

Returning seeds to the library ensures that the resource can continue.