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Are you having problems with sticky boards that you bought to get rid of rodents? Don’t they catch rodents the way you imagined? Most of the time, people don’t set them up properly, which leads to this result.

Unipest Pest Control in Santa Clarita recommends that you make sure you know what type of sticky board to use.

There are two types of sticky boards that most people use that are scented and odorless. The unscented sticky boards are used to catch rats as they are neophobic.

“They (rats) are afraid of new things; new smells; new objects on their way, ”said Cardon Ellis of Unipest Pest Control.

Scented Sticky Boards are mainly intended for mice as they are curious. Cardon recommends purchasing peanut butter scented sticky boards so the scent is strong. The result will lure the mice out and catch them on the sticky plate.

Rats are a different story in this case because they are neophobic and have to trip on their own.

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“You have to make sure you put them in places where they are most likely to succeed,” Cardon said.

According to Cardon, it’s based on common sense where to put the sticky boards, and it’s about science. Remember, rats are blind so they use their whiskers to move to point A to point B.

Place the adhesive plate parallel to the baseboard. This causes the rat to run along the baseboard and eventually catch the rat. Make sure you place the adhesive plate in the middle area of ​​point A and B.

“You want to put it right in the middle … because that’s where they’re going to do a full sprint,” Cardon said.

Cardon had a client who had rats coming out at night to eat fruit from their fruit baskets. Cardon used the same method to prove it worked. He put the sticky boards against the baseboard on which the rat has to walk. The next day he came back to a rat that was trapped on the sticky board.

Remember to throw away the adhesive plate immediately to avoid unpleasant smells.

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