Rodents trigger closure at Ono Sushi on Soiled Eating


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – The first thing we notice when we step into Ono Sushi on Eastern Avenue and Flamingo Road is the crowd.

Despite a government-mandated seating capacity of six, we see a group of ten pre-pandemic seated at a large table in the middle of a restaurant that was recently closed by health inspectors.

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On March 2, inspectors found excessive rodent droppings on shelves, boxes of food and floors.

There was no sign that it affected open dining.

The latest January pest control report documented a dead mouse and live mice hanging on bait but too smart to be caught.

“What was it that bothered you?” Darcy Spears asked Ono owner Chris Chandra. “Obviously, that’s a pretty significant health threat.”

Chandra replied, “My main concern is that the landlord will just ignore my trash! It’s overcrowded!”

The health district noticed this and ordered Ono to clean it up.

Chandra said it was a constant battle with the landlord.

“The landlord is supposed to pay Republic Services. But Republic Services always skip, skip, skip, skip, skip.”

The trash problem is at Ono’s back door. Conditions in which rodents were invited included tightly packed containers of paper goods and boxes that were not rotated or cleaned frequently, and lots of holes in the walls and ceilings.

“I heard that the Strip was closed, all of these rats … All of these critters are leaving the Strip and looking for it,” Chandra said. “They are everywhere! Because the health inspector who is checking us out says, ‘I see, it’s not just you.’ “”

The inspector also said there was excessive dirt and debris on the floors under the equipment and a leak in the plumbing.

Other violations involved cooked shrimp and rice in the temperature hazard zone, as well as utensils for raw fish stored in lukewarm standing water.

“Sometimes you have to make a report,” said Chandra. “You have to make stories to make them write more. I mean, they do.”

He said he agreed with the violations but saw them as “excessive”.

During this March 2 inspection, Ono was given 48 hours to discard paper goods and boxes that had been gnawed and contaminated by rodent feces and urine. Identify and seal areas where rodents have invaded, nested, and brooded; Make sure there are no rodents in the ceiling. Clean and disinfect the entire facility and log rodent activity.

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“It was very hard! I worked all night,” said Chandra.

But the health district says it wasn’t enough. On March 4, when the inspectors returned to check, staff admitted that they had not documented the live rodents they saw cleaning.

And they hadn’t thoroughly checked the ceiling for rodent nests or adequately patched holes recommended by their pest control company, and the inspectors closed them.

“And now everything is locked, everything is tidy and now Orkin comes every day to see,” said Chandra.

Ono reopened on March 5th with an “A” zero-defect rating.

“Aside from the health report, I have to ask you – your restaurant is full!” Spears indicated this. “There are tons of people here. There are more than six people at this table and more than 50% capacity as it stands. So what’s the matter with it?”

Chandra said the big party insists on sitting together and he would not turn the deal down.

“I applaud the business. I mean, I’m a small business. I have to run. I still have to pay my employees. I have to make a living. I have children at home. I have to pay a mortgage.” We have to survive. There is no way I will say, ‘I can’t take you’. “

Otherwise, Chandra says he can’t make ends meet.


Soul Foo Young received a 38-fault mark “C” on March 4th, so three mistakes were still pending.

The Asian Mediterranean restaurant on Owens Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard sold ribs that had been grilled at a clerk’s home and then left on a counter at room temperature.

Many other foods, including four boxes of chicken thawing, were in the temperature hazard zone.

On the floor were open containers of chicken and spices, vegetables in a garbage bag, and active food prep in a sink filled with dirty dishes.

The potato prep station consisted of a trash can and the floor.

Dirty wipes were used on the counters.

The product was not washed before preparation and the freezer and ceiling tiles were dirty.

The owner Artisha Hall said, “I was understaffed. It was a bad day with two calls and the kitchen wasn’t in the best shape when she was [inspectors] came. There is no excuse. Life is coming your way quickly and all you have to do is take care of it. Now everything is fixed and we will be checked again on Thursday. “


Del Valle Mobile Catering’s # 3 Food Truck was decommissioned on March 3rd in the Pic-a-Part parking lot on Lamb Boulevard near Lone Mountain Road.

Due to repeated critical violations, the re-examination after an earlier C downgrade could not be carried out.

They sold groceries made in the owner’s home.

The inspectors found repeated violations of sliced ​​tomatoes, eggs and grilled jalapenos at unsafe temperatures. raw bacon stored in the same container with cooked ham; raw chicken and ready-to-eat ham in the same container; raw chorizo ​​and raw beef in the same container; Raw beef in a plastic bag and a responsible person who has no knowledge of food safety.

Avocados weren’t washed before slicing and were selling out expired cookies.

Inspectors say Del Valle has a “documented history of non-compliant inspections”.

We couldn’t reach anyone for comment.

Orange Julius / Dairy Queen at the Las Vegas Outlet Center on Las Vegas Boulevard and Warm Springs Road was closed for hot water on March 1st.

Owner Jim Adison said there was a defect in the water heater that they were unaware of. He said they had plenty of hot water to wash their hands and only noticed the temperature problem after the inspector filled the three-compartment sink.

He’s now asking staff to keep a temperature log to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Orange Julius / Dairy Queen was inspected again on March 2nd and received an “A” grade with no faults.

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