Rodents nibble luggage of meals at Whittier drugstore and different closures in San Gabriel Valley, Whittier space – Pasadena Star Information


Health inspectors closed three restaurants and two stores in the San Gabriel Valley and Greater Whittier area between June 30 and July 13.

The food facilities’ health permit has been suspended for either cockroaches, rodents, vermin, no hot water, sewer problems, or operating without a health permit, according to reports from the Los Angeles County Public Health Department.

Food establishments whose permits are suspended must close until another inspection determines that the issues have been resolved. Closures can occur during routine and owner-initiated inspections, complaint investigations, and re-inspections.

The department did not disclose the types of cockroaches, rodents, or vermin – such as how many and where in the facility they were found – for all restaurants.

Institutions are rated with a number and a letter, similar to school reports. If a food business is closed due to cockroach, rodent or fly infestation, sewage problems or a lack of water, the business loses seven points in addition to the four points that are deducted in the event of serious health violations. Each time two major health hazards, such as unsafe food temperatures, are observed, the facility loses an additional three points in its inspection rating.

Here are the facilities that have been closed. The grades and points listed were closed at the time of the day.


Location: 529 E. Valley Blvd., Suite 108-B, San Gabriel

Date closed: June 30th

Reason for closure: cockroaches. An inspector observed:

• Two live cockroaches and one live adult cockroach crawl on the floor in the dining room.

• Approximately one live adult cockroach and two live nymph cockroaches crawl on the wall behind the kitchen counter.

• A live cockroach crawls on the wall behind the cash register.

• Approximately 30+ dead cockroaches on the floors throughout the facility, including under the sinks, hand washing and prepping sinks, under the kitchen counter, and in the sinks.

• Cockroach fecal stains on the underside of the cooking table.

Reopening date: July 6th

Score / grade: 81, B.

Ritual help

Location: 6512 Comstock Ave., Whittier

Date closed: June 30th

Reason for closure: rodents. An inspector noticed fresh rodent droppings on food cans and chewed bags of lentils and pinto beans. A representative from the camp voluntarily disposed of 115 tins and six sacks of pinto beans and lentils.

Reopening date: July 2nd

Score / grade: 84, B.

Sage social eatery

Location: 119 N. Vincent Ave., Covina

Date closed: June 30th

Reason for closure: No health permit

Reopening date: July 1st

Score / Grade: N / A

Money tree

Location: 846 E. Valley Blvd., Alhambra

Date closed: July 7th

Reason for closure: No reason given.

Reopened Date: Still closed at time of publication

Score / grade: 83, B.

Ho Kee Cafe

Location: 533 S. Del Mar Ave., San Gabriel

Date closed: July 9th

Reason for closure: cockroaches. An inspector discovered:

• A live cockroach and numerous dead cockroaches on the inspector’s hands while he was drying his hands on the employee’s hand basin with the paper towel.

• A live cockroach on the floor under the Peking Duck shop window.

• Numerous traces of cockroach droppings on the wall behind the paper towel dispenser on the hand wash basin of the employees.

• An egg capsule was observed when the cook threw the paper towel in the trash can.

Reopening date: Still closed at the time of publication.

Score / grade: 81, B.

Publisher’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect a restaurant reopening.