Rodents destroy Newcastle household’s luxurious Land Rover; make nests contained in the automobile


A family in Newcastle was appalled after a rat stowed and damaged their luxury four-wheel drive Land Rover, which was parked overnight, as they took a trip to Hunter Valley to celebrate a relative’s 90th birthday. The family suffered property damage in the amount of 20,000 euros. Luke Tilse had driven his expensive car to the family orchard in Moonan Flat in April, and in a nightmare he noticed several holes appear in the car’s thick rubber floor mats. The holes got bigger and bigger and were made on the hardcore rubber mat, Tilse told US Express News. Although he didn’t see any [rodents], he only knew that they were there because the car’s holes were being eaten up one by one.

According to Tilse, his car armrests were covered with bite marks and there were several nests inside the vehicle. The rats had also excessively littered and destroyed the leather of the console while staying in the luxury car. After the New South Wales-based Australian resident brought his car to the dealership, he was billed about $ 10,000 for the investigation alone. However, the total cost of the repairs reached $ 19,600. The rats had done excessive damage under the dashboard of the car and the airbags threatened to explode due to the power fluctuations. It took the dealers two months to replace all the damaged special parts of the car with a lot of manpower and manual labor.

Rodents lived under the carpet of the car

Auto mechanic Garry van Dijk told the network that he would have to take the whole car apart in order to fix it. Basically the entire interior was out of the vehicle, the seats, the dashboard, the air conditioning, everything is separate on this car, he said. The workshop added that more than one rodent lived under the carpet while the family drove the car. They had chewed up the door panels, the seats, the armrests, the consoles and had recovered a huge amount of feces from the interior of the vehicle during maintenance. The rodents had draped damp cloths around the dashboard to make nests. Although it wasn’t damaged. But the part needed to be sterilized and cleaned, Dijk said.