Rodents, Ants, Wasps And Flies Discovered At Coombe Hospital

Rodents, Ants, Wasps And Flies Found At Coombe Hospital

Rodents, ants, wasps and flies have been found at Coombe Hospital during inspections over the past 18 months.

Details released under the Freedom of Information Act show Dublin Maternity Hospital was forced to close a shower room over rodent sightings.

Women and Infants University Hospital has spent more than €20,000 on pest control services.

Sinn Fein health spokesman David Cullinane says it is important that there is no impact on patient safety;

“Obviously the cost is significant, but it’s an issue that needs to be addressed. So everything that can be done has to be done first.”

He went on to say it was worrying that one room had to be closed, “so I think management has a responsibility to make sure the issue is brought under control.”

In a statement, the hospital said:

“Reported sightings often occur outside of business hours. At the time the pest controller deploys, there are often no sightings. The area would still be treated as an affected area due to the reported sighting through preventive measures. This includes strategic placement of traps and/or bait boxes.

“A shower room was closed, decontaminated and thoroughly cleaned. It has been rigorously tested by our Infection Prevention and Control team. Measures have been taken to prevent recurrence. No rooms in the theater were closed during this period.”

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