Residents of Lansing’s Porter Flats describe rats, bedbugs and unresponsive house owners


LANSING, me. – For residents of the Porter Apartments in Lansing, the list of problems is too long to count.

William Sorrells, a veteran who lives with his Chihuahua Little Bill in the eight-story building on Townsend Street, said he had seen rats, bugs and even violent crime in his three years there.

“I had my teeth knocked out,” said Sorrells, adding that his assailant then “followed me into my apartment because we were unsafe and he and another man beat me and took my money.”

But Sorrells isn’t the only resident sick of it. Another resident sent us photos of rats in her unit and what happened to her after she was bitten by bed bugs.
The building is owned by the California Commercial Investment Company. FOX 47 asked for an explanation but didn’t hear anything back.

In August Lansing City Council decided not to extend a tax break on the building. This decision was taken after warning the Council for at least five years.

“We have had problems and tenants have complained about them for the entire 5 years I’ve been on the council,” said Councilor Patricia Spitzley.

“You have $ 250,000 in reserve. If you wanted to get it right, you would use that money on it, ”said Spitzley.

The residents hope that there will soon be positive changes.

“I would like to see the property tidied up,” said Sorrells.