Report says Mattress Bug infestations are on the rise in NJ


It doesn’t seem particularly scientific, but CBS 2 New York television network says bed bugs are spreading in New Jersey, at least in part, because of the coronavirus pandemic. There has been an “alarming” increase in bed bug cases, according to the station, in part because people refused to let exterminators into their homes. Channel 2 says:

“Favio Ulloa, the owner of Prestige Pest Services … says his bed bug business is down.” Probably 50% more than last year, “Ulloa said. Ulloa said he now has no more than three a day at this time compared to seven bed bug jobs a day last year. He said the fear during the pandemic had the annihilators of it kept out of the houses so bed bugs have more time to reproduce and spread. “

Bed bugs are small, oval, brownish insects that live on the blood of animals or humans, according to WebMD. Adult bed bugs have flat bodies the size of an apple seed. However, after feeding, their bodies swell and become reddish in color. Bed bugs usually enter your home through luggage, clothing, and used furniture such as beds or sofas. Channel 2 quotes Rutgers’ student Kate Moro, who had an infestation, as saying, “That I know they crawl on my skin when I sleep … I can’t. It’s just too much. “Bed bugs usually feed at night; they feed by piercing the skin and drawing blood through an elongated beak.

However, the New York Times says that while one in five Americans has either dealt with bed bugs or knows someone who has, it is expected that the number of insect infestations due to the pandemic will decrease as people travel less and stay inside Hotels less.

The beetles eat for three to ten minutes to clog and then crawl away unnoticed. While you can try to get rid of bed bugs on your own, WebMD recommends that you hire a professional.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of talk show host Bill Doyle of New Jersey 101.5. All opinions expressed are from Bill Doyle.

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