Rat rodeo: man says he hears rodents operating underneath his roof all night time lengthy


08/08/2021 4:00 PM EDT

Rat rodeo: man says he hears rodents walking under his roof all night

A British man cannot sleep at night because his apartment is contaminated by rats and his landlords have not done anything to prevent it.

Liverpool, UK – Stephen Haddock is a British man with a big problem: he cannot sleep at night because his apartment is contaminated with rats and his landlords have not done anything about it.

Rats make life difficult for a Liverpool man (stock image). © 123RF / vitalytyagunov

The 40-year-old lives in a rented apartment in Liverpool, where he can hardly rest because rats have spread around the house and make a lot of noise, especially at night when Haddock is about to sleep.

The animals have “conquered” the attic so that their noises can be clearly heard when the Briton is lying in his bed. The rodents run around over his head for hours.

He’s been arguing with the property managers for months, the tenant told the Liverpool Echo. He believes the rats are entering through an unaddressed hole in the back of the property.

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However, he said real estate management company Riverside Housing had “fobbed off” him several times and continued to ignore his calls for help.

In addition, a gate broke and rubbish from the alley behind the property was dragged into the gap behind the gate, creating a literal hodgepodge of leftover food, rubbish and rotting things for the rats to feed on. He said it was not possible to remove the garbage, which included dirty diapers, because the gate was broken. The rats would eat and then move into the apartment to nest in the attic just above his bed.

Haddock told the newspaper, “I don’t feel safe in my home, which is terrible, it doesn’t let me be here.”

Stephen Haddock (40) in a Facebook selfie.

Stephen Haddock (40) in a Facebook selfie. © Facebook / Screenshot / Ste Eric

According to Riverside Housing, they reached out to Haddock several times and either he was unavailable or he got aggressive with the agents.

He admitted he was frustrated, especially when it wasn’t clear who was going to pay for the poison for the rats. He said the management company made it look like it was his fault and that he had to pay for the service.

However, since Haddock spoke to the media, there has been movement on the matter. A spokesman for Riverside Housing said they are working with local organizations to stop illegal garbage dumping behind his house.

They also repaired the hole and cleaned up the garbage heap.

The representative added: “We are now working with him to resolve the rat problem as soon as possible and to agree on the actions to be taken, his responsibilities, behavior and expectations for the future.”

Hopefully haddock will be able to sleep peacefully without dreaming of rats running over him!