Rat drawback ‘inflicting misery’ to Peterborough residents as resident says space ‘overrun’ by rodents

Rat problem ‘causing distress’ to Peterborough residents as resident says area ‘overrun’ by rodents

Emmy Dean says residents at Overland Mews, off Whittlesey Road, Stanground, have rat problems.

A Peterborough resident who claims her place of residence has been ‘overrun’ by rats – and ‘kids too scared to play outside’ is urging her landlord to take further action and end the ‘stress’ being felt by residents is added.

Emmy Dean, 37, of Overland Mews, off Whittlesey Road, in Stanground, claims rats emerging from the rubbish dump in the parking lot outside their rental apartment were seen “climbing walls and drainpipes” and on “window sills and nest in cars”.

Emmy, who lives with her eight-year-old son, says the “rat problem” has not been fully resolved despite several complaints from residents to housing provider Hyde.

Hyde has since cleared out the garbage store – but Emmy says there are still rats in the area.

After the Peterborough Telegraph contacted Hyde, the mother-of-one said the dump has since been cleared.

The housing authority says it is now also implementing a pest control program, with future plans to trim hedges and redesign the rubbish dump to “reduce the likelihood of further pest problems”.

But Emmy said that although residents have “repeatedly” called the Hyde housing association to move on, they are still waiting for those changes.

“It’s gross and uninviting,” Emmy said.

Dead rats were found around the building.

“I can’t invite anyone over and I could never invite a stranger over to my house as it would be too embarrassing.

“Some residents and children are too scared to go outside and parents would rather take their children elsewhere than let them play in the community garden out of fear.

“It’s annoying because you can’t stay inside all the time.”

“I don’t know how many more times we can complain and nothing gets done right,” she added.

Hyde Housing Manager Ben Bello said: “I am so sorry that our residents at Overland Mews are having a problem with rats. I know how distressing that is.

“We have a pest control program in place and are closely monitoring the situation. We’ve sent letters to our residents giving advice on how to dispose of food and rubbish properly – and advising that bin and rubbish bags should not be used. do not leave on floors.

“We also plan to trim the hedges so there are fewer places to hide.

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