Quentin Letts: Termite queen was in no temper to pay homage | Information


GGood morning, lovely readers. The day had a Tudor flavor. In the Lords they talked about the barons’ right to sit in the legislature by virtue of a monarchical decree. In the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg described Elizabeth I as “the first Tory”. Meanwhile, today’s Queen of Scots, Nicola Sturgeon, stormed up and down her battlements and shook a Woad-painted forearm at the intruder from London.

King Boris had traveled to West Lothian with his court for spin doctors to celebrate the new manufacture of Covid vaccines in Livingston. Jabs jobs: 100 new jobs will be created. Mistress McTermite and her warriors were outraged. SNP MPs in Westminster complained that Mr Johnson’s petition was breaking the rules for the restricted voyage