On-demand: Webinar on insect oil in pig diet


Insect oil in pig nutrition isn’t as futuristic as it might sound. Global agribusiness company Cargill and InnovaFeed worked successfully on this concept and discussed it extensively in a recent webinar which is now available on-demand.

The webinar was hosted by Pig Progress and aired on Thursday June 17, 2021. The speakers Dr. Graziano Mantovani and Chloé Phan Van Phi first explained the partnership between the two companies in the production of insect oil, a useful ingredient for pig production. They also presented case studies.

Check out the insect oil: a new tool to promote sustainable pig production

An insight into the world of insect oil in pig feed

Dr. Graziano Mantovani is the strategic marketing and technology director at Cargill’s Provimi pig business in Western Europe and Chloé Phan Van Phi is the marketing and sales director at InnovaFeed. Together they gave the audience a complete insight into the world of insect oil. “Both companies are excited about the future,” emphasized Dr. Mantovani. “Insect oil is just the beginning.”

Sustainability, commercial scalability and performance were 3 key concepts that were highlighted frequently in the webinar. The speakers explained that by using the black soldier fly and extracting insect oil from the larvae, the ecological footprint is dramatically reduced, with a zero impact on deforestation.

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Research program on insect oil in pig nutrition

In terms of performance, the two speakers shared the results of a research program carried out in recent years when piglets were fed insect oil feed. The research team observed increased piglet body weight, better stool quality on day 14 after weaning, and concluded that insect oil could be used to replace vegetable oils in piglet nutrition.

Just before starting a long question-and-answer session, the speakers also explained that pork from pigs fed on insect oil was in stores at French retailer Auchan.

Check out the insect oil: a new tool to promote sustainable pig production