New Breed Of Tremendous Rodents In UK Feared To Be ‘Risk To People’

New Breed Of Super Rodents In UK Feared To Be ‘Threat To Humans’

They have become totally resistant to poison

They have become totally resistant to poison

Experts warn a new species of ‘super-rodents’ in the UK could pose a threat to the health of humans and other animals.

Yes, we didn’t have that on our 2023 bingo card either.

According to new research, 95% of house mice and 78% of rats have genes that allow them to tolerate these types of venoms, the Mirror reports.

They’ve slowly become more resistant to toxins known as anticoagulant rodenticides over the past 20 years, and pest expert Dr. Alan Buckle has warned the development could pose a “hazard to human and animal health”.

While it’s a huge win for the mice and rats not being killed, continuing to deliver the toxins to which they are immune carries some serious risks.

He told the news agency: “The continued use of anticoagulant rodenticides against resistant rats or mice has serious downsides.

“These include incomplete control of rodents resulting in threats to human and animal health, more rapid spread of surviving resistant rodents, and long-term survival of resistant pests carrying toxic residues that could then be eaten by predators.”