Native Boy Scout Leads Effort to Repair Termite-Infested Path Handrail

Local Boy Scout Leads Effort to Fix Termite-Infested Trail Handrail

Ari Candela leads community service on a hiking trail in Beverly Hills

By Chemistry Zhang

Last month, Ari Candela, patrol leader for Boy Scout Troop 223, led a charitable effort dubbed the “Good Turn” trip as part of a Boy Scout program designed to encourage patrols to give back to their community. For the project, Candela chose Tree People, an environmental protection group dedicated to preserving ecosystems throughout the Los Angeles area.

He had visited the organization a few years previously where he was given a seed that grew into a pine tree in his garden. Inspired by this and his love of the outdoors, Candela led his Palisades-based squad to fix a termite-infested handrail on a Beverly Hills hiking trail so visitors could enjoy the space. I spoke to Candela to learn more about his work in the Boy Scouts and his community service.

Chemistry Zhang: So, Ari, tell me how you became a boy scout.

Ari candle: So initially my friends wanted me to be a Boy Scout and then – basically before you join Boy Scouts you get to go on like a campout to experience and see what you’re getting into and I so enjoyed the campout I just decided to commit.

concentration camp: That is really cool. Is there anything you enjoyed the most about it?

AC: Just being able to meet a lot of people from different schools and just having different camping experiences. And one thing was special for High-Venture last year – basically, if the older Scouts carry on like a trip, half the trip was to Denmark for the Scout Jamboree.

concentration camp: Brilliant. For a good shooting trip, would you like to tell me more about why you chose the environment for your subject?

AC: I enjoy just being in nature, I go hiking a lot with my parents and we’ve always enjoyed it, so it’s like trying to go back there and give something back to mother nature.

concentration camp: What you saw and did that day, can you tell me for your actual good lap trip?

AC: We saw a lot of people hiking, but basically there was this handrail that another scout troop made during an Eagle project. There was bark on the railing and termites were biting and destroying it so we removed the bark to get rid of the termites.

concentration camp: Did you have a favorite and a disliked part of the day?

AC: My least favorite thing is that it was a bit hot, my favorite thing is giving back to my community and doing community service. My memory is just that I was able to help other people because now the handrail can stay up longer and other people will just keep it in good condition.

concentration camp: Do you plan to do more things like this once you’re an Eagle Scout?

AC: When I’m an Eagle Scout, I have to do a project where I create something for a non-profit organization and it’s mandatory to work a certain number of hours on it.

concentration camp: And how do you feel about giving back to your community?

AC: It makes me happy because it’s just nice to give back to your community whenever you can and there are a lot of nice people doing nice things for each other.