Mice Plague Australia 2021| It is Raining Rats! Video of rodents ‘raining’ in Australia horrifies netizens


Mouse plague has been extremely widespread in Australia since March. | Photo credit: Twitter

Sydney: Recently, some videos from the Australian state of New South Wales surfaced online that appalled and disgusted internet users.

Right now, the country Down Under is experiencing possibly one of the worst rodent infestations the world has seen in the past decade. The video that went viral is from a farm in the state where many rats are being thrown out of a machine that makes it appear like “rain of mice.”

Not only the Aussies share it, but internet users around the world as well. Look here.

This is just a glimpse of the plague. It has adversely affected the farming community and the residents of the state. Since March of this year, the Indian Express has stated that the mice have already destroyed many farmers’ grain harvests.

A researcher named Steve Henry who works for the country’s national science agency called “CSIRO” attributed this very harvest as the cause that attracted the rats to harvest.

During this crisis the farmers asked the state government to help them. They appealed to the Secretary of Agriculture to provide around $ 25,000 which could be enough to be used as mouse bait.

Eventually the New South Wales government gave them $ 50 million for it. Not only that, but they also gave permission to use a fairly banned poison called “bromadiolone” to get rid of this threat.

The videos posted above have thoroughly scared internet users. For some it was “the worst thing they saw this year”.

“I always thought that the mousepest footage couldn’t get any worse, but then it did,” added another user.

We hope the country can recover from this soon.