Mattress bugs discovered at North Facet Major College


ELLWOOD CITY – Ellwood City Superintendent Wesley Shipley confirmed Thursday that there have been two bed bug incidents at North Side Primary School.

Shipley said there was one incident in the week of August 30th and another one in the week of September 6th.

He said the district reached out to exterminators after each incident and had them clean the rooms where the bugs were found, adjoining rooms, common area and the school library.

Shipley also said the exterminator completely wiped out the building on September 10 because there were two cases in two weeks.

He added that no bed bug incidents have been reported in other county buildings.

Shipley said the district is doing whatever the exterminator recommends.

This 2006 photo shows a bed bug eating a blood meal from the arm of a “voluntary” human host.  Bed bugs are not carriers of any known human disease.  Although some pathogens have been extracted from bed bugs under laboratory conditions, no bed bug transmission outside the laboratory has been demonstrated.  Photo from the Centers for Disease Control.

He said it was not known how the bugs got into the building, but said the Chromebooks used by summer school students had been thoroughly cleaned by the district’s technology department before being given to teenagers for this school year.