Mattress Bug Barrier Explains Learn how to Get Rid of Mattress Bugs the

Mattress Bug Barrier Explains Learn how to Get Rid of Mattress Bugs the

VICTORIA, Australia, Jan. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bed Bug Barrier, Australia’s only eco-friendly and organic provider of immediate and long-term bed bug treatment solutions, has updated the website to provide some good information on how to get rid of bed bugs. The site has a new post comparing Rentokil to the bed bug barrier.

Bed bug bites are a common nuisance for many people. These bites can be itchy and irritating and appear in clusters on the skin. It’s also possible to have an allergic reaction to bed bug bites, leading to further discomfort. The presence of bed bugs in a home or hotel can be stressful and uncomfortable as once they have infested an area it can be difficult to get rid of them.

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Rentokil is a popular service in the Australian bed bug control industry. The service is easy to use and the products can be sprayed under carpets, in slatted frames, floorboards, etc. However, the effectiveness is only limited to direct contact with the bed bugs. And it’s also believed that bed bugs have become immune to pesticides. They just started adapting to these sprays. And let’s not forget the damage the spray can cause when people and pets come into contact with it.

Bed Bug Barrier, on the other hand, is a DIY system. It is a specially formulated powder to get rid of bed bugs without extreme measures, toxins, chemicals and harmful sprays. As the name suggests, it acts as a barrier or obstacle that prevents the bed bugs from migrating up the bed. The steamer and mattress protectors are also available to trap and starve the bed bugs everywhere. All of these methods are very effective on their own; in combination, the effectiveness could be doubled.

Rentokil might cost around $660 per bedroom while bed bug barriers would cost $150 including two mattress covers, bed leg barriers and bed bug killer powder. And when a bed bug steamer and duster are added, the total cost would come out to $190, which is far more affordable than any other bed bug eradication system. The other limitation of traditional systems is time and effort. All bedding must be removed, washed and disinfected, including cupboards and other furniture.

The room cannot be used for at least 6 hours, which is very uncomfortable for the whole family. With the bed bug repellent solutions, it’s hardly a 30 minute job for a single ensemble bed and an hour job for a slatted bed. The room does not need to be cleared or disinfected. It’s like changing the sheets. Best of all, people and pets are safe from the harmful side effects of regular exposure to pesticides. This risk is not associated with bed bug barriers. The site has videos of DIY bed bug treatments for slat beds and ensemble beds, making it easier for anyone to do without professional help.

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