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LINCOLN – Prime Properties Management, the company that oversees the operations of Lincoln Manor, strikes back, claiming they allowed bed bug infestation in the apartments.

In a letter to The News, Barb Carona, chief operating officer of Prime Properties, says the company has a contract with Rose Pest Control to regularly inspect the home and find any clues of bed bugs they find.

In addition to treating specific units, dog teams have run through the entire complex, including all of the units as well as the washrooms and public areas, she wrote.

“A number of seniors live independently in the Lincoln Manor apartment complex, but we do not offer assisted living facilities.” Corona said in the letter. ‚ÄúTenants who live there need to be able to support their own households, including house cleaning and cooking. When treating bed bugs, everyone involved must follow specific instructions from the pest control company. If the renter does not follow these instructions exactly, it doesn’t matter how many treatments we offer for that unit. “

In an undated letter from Rose Pest Solutions to Carona, which Carona shared with The News, it is said that in the past 10 months five apartments, some several times, have received conventional treatment. The pest control company said its recent inspection with a bed bug sniffer revealed two units need treatment.

The Alcona County Commission on Aging, which states it cannot provide services to infested homes, has suspended some services for seniors living in Lincoln Manor for several weeks. The Aging Commission has also filed complaints about the bed bugs with the Michigan Attorney General.

Corona said the apartment managers had told residents that the managers would provide the commission with documents upon request so that residents could prove their unit was bed bug free.

“So far not a single tenant has requested this document.” Corona said in the letter.

Prime Properties Management Letter from Crystal Nelson on Scribd

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