Lady claims she was harassed after discovering mattress bugs in Milton Keynes quarantine lodge


Janet Wheeler was left alone with a guard at the Delta Hotel by Marriott Milton Keynes. In the BBC report, she claims the man asked her if she was married, if she travels alone, and if she likes black men.

The woman was placed in this potentially compromising position after she had to change rooms because her original room was infested with bed bugs, she says.

Delta Hotels by Marriott Milton KeynesDelta Hotels by Marriott Milton Keynes

She told the BBC: “I felt scared and insecure. I couldn’t leave and I couldn’t return to the room. There wasn’t even someone I could call. “

A representative of the Marriot replied: They took the allegations very seriously, they had pushed G4S to investigate and would cooperate in all investigations. A hotel representative also said the staff had heat treated the room and found no bed bugs.

Ms. Wheeler spoke to the BBC as part of a fuller investigation into the behavior of the G4S security team patrolling quarantine hotels. Four women say they were sexually harassed by security forces while quarantined in hotels across the UK.

G4S is one of the security companies hired by the government to oversee quarantine operations. Current Covid protocols state that people returning to the UK from Red List countries where Covid infection rates remain high must be quarantined in a hotel for 10 nights.

During their time in strict quarantine, people are only allowed to leave their hotel once to play sports if they have to be accompanied by a security guard from one of these companies.

G4S told the BBC that it expects the highest standards of conduct from employees and is investigating allegations of misconduct.

In a statement, the company said: “We expect the highest standards of behavior from our employees and will not tolerate behavior that undermines the good work of our teams, which continue to play an important role in the national response to the pandemic.

“Should we be made aware of any misconduct, there are solid procedures in place to ensure that the employee is removed from the site while G4S and, if necessary, the police conduct an investigation.”

All G4S employees have a valid license from the Security Industry Authority, which they can only obtain with a successful disclosure and revocation service and criminal records check.