Italian Horror Film ‘Insect’ Encompasses a Huge Monster Fly That Spits Different Flies Out of Its Mouth [Trailer]


From the Italian filmmaker Riccardo Paoletti comes insect (formerly called Tafanos, also known as Killer Mosquitos), which The Asylum acquired for US release this month.

Our friend Avery Guerra, who brought us this news, explains that Insect is actually a remake of a 2000 film called Tafanos, directed by Dipteros and Carlo Giudice.

The asylum will bring Insect to digital 26th of March.

“One weekend, a group of friends hiding in a remote house in the mountains is attacked by a swarm of deadly horseflies that feed on human flesh like piranhas.”

Alessio Lapice, Cristina Marino, Salvatore Langella and Filippo Tirabassi and Maria Grazia Giannetta Star next to a ton of carnivorous flies and at least one MASSIVE fly monster!

You can find the official trailer below.