It might be a scary wanting bug, however immediately’s insect is only a cricket – Vernon Information


We can relax, it’s a cricket

Photo: Jack and Charlene Hope

UPDATE 9:33 am

It may look like an ugly bug (because it is), but it seems like it’s nothing more than harmless cricket.

Today’s bug of the week featured an animal that looks pretty intimidating, and it’s downright scary for those with bug phobias.

There have been some opinions about what the animal was, but the majority of readers agreed that it was a hump-winged cricket also known as the Great Grig.

Readers also agreed that it was big and ugly.

Crickets are a very common insect found in many parts of the world.

They can grow up to three centimeters, but are completely harmless.

The Great Grig is most active between June and August.


It’s big, it’s ugly – and it was found here in the Okanagan.

The bug of the week was caught on camera by Jack and Charlene Hope from West Kelowna.

“Need help identifying this creature found under the leaves we raked,” they said in an email that contained a picture of the monstrosity.

The Okanagan is no stranger to large bugs, animal bugs, and intimidating insects. So if anyone knows what type of animal it is, email us at [email protected].