Hp Bans Sale, Use Of Glue Traps To Shield Rodents, Reptiles | Shimla Information

Hp Bans Sale, Use Of Glue Traps To Protect Rodents, Reptiles | Shimla News

Shimla: The Government of Himachal Pradesh has banned the manufacture, sale and use of sticky traps for catching rats/rodents/reptiles/birds with immediate effect. The notification cites Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (PCA) of 1960, which prohibits inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering on animals, and also emphasizes the indiscriminate nature of glue traps, which kill not only rodents but also “non-target” seduce traps. Animals including birds, squirrels, reptiles and frogs.
In its appeal, PETA India had urged the state government to take immediate action to implement circulars from the Animal Welfare Board of India recommending that sticky traps be banned. Last year the government of Himachal Pradesh was asked to take action against the manufacture, sale and use of cruel and illegal gestation and farrowing pens in pig farming.
A notice issued on January 23 said the Himachal Pradesh Governor was satisfied that the widespread use of sticky pads or sticky traps used as non-lethal or restraining rodent traps not only capture vermin but also pose a threat to birds, Squirrels, reptilian frogs, etc. represent the state.
Although these traps are not deadly, they are heavily sticky with non-drying glue on one side of their rigid structure, allowing the small animals and birds to stick to them with their feet or wings and eventually die from starvation, exposure, dehydration, or asphyxiation, predators or are killed by humans. The animal or bird can also die from self-mutilation trying to escape the trap, causing blood loss, stress and pain, the notification added.
According to the Animal Welfare Board of India’s instructions, the use, sale and manufacture of sticky traps for catching rats and mice is illegal and violates the existing provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (PCA) 1960.
“The manufacturers and sellers of sticky traps condemn small animals to excruciatingly slow and painful deaths and can turn buyers into lawbreakers,” said Farhat Ul Ain, PETA India advocacy group. “PETA India commends the Himachal Pradesh government for taking steps to protect animals, no matter how small, and for setting an example for the entire country.”