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People watch termite infestation on TV or the news, but what if it happens in your own household?

Cardon Ellis of Santa Claritas Unipest Pest Control spoke to a customer about termite infestation. Cardon asked him what type of termite he had and the customer didn’t know there was a difference.

“It will determine whether or not we have to camp your house,” said Ellis.

Although termites have a lot in common, what differs from termites is how to determine whether it is a dry wood or an underground termite.

Cardon Ellis gives a history lesson in which he tells us that they turned into cockroaches about 170 million years ago because they developed a protozoon in their intestines.

“This enables them to process or eat cellulose waste that most other insects cannot allow them to become this most destructive structural insect in North America,” Ellis said.

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He also shares the fun fact that termites cause more damage than natural disasters. In the US alone, it costs about 5 billion a year.

Now to determine what type of termite it is: Look for termite droppings. These look like sawdust pellets coming out of the wood of the house. Termites love to chew on the wood, so the protozoa process the cellulose from the wood and then poop out the sawdust pellets.

Another way to identify the termite is to look for mud tubes. They love to take soil with them and make mud tubes. This is because they are trying to protect the colony’s moisture. This is common in Santa Clarita.

Finally, to identify the termite: look at the termites. Whenever it rains or 77 degrees at night, the termites swarm out. This is how they reproduce.

If the termite has lighter wings, small bodies, and dark black bodies, then it is an underground termite.

If the termite has a dark red or brown body and a large vein-like wing, it is a dry wood termite.

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