How Mattress Bugs “Sunk” One the U.S. Navy’s Deadliest Submarines


Bed bugs are often a threat to city life. New York City has seen massive animal infestations on occasion, including in 2010 and again a decade later, although the coronavirus has reportedly made bed bugs less of a problem lately.

Now there are reports of a bug problem in a very non-urban setting – on a submarine.

According to the Navy Times, there has been a recent bug infestation on the fast-attacking Connecticut submarine, and some sailors told the publication that “command of the boat has been slow to fix the problem.”

Connecticut is a Seawolf-class submarine, one of only three elite submarines that the U.S. Navy relies on.

The problem was attributed to the ship’s participation in Exercise Ice Exercise (ICEX) 2020 in the Arctic Ocean almost a year ago. It’s still a problem after the boat returned to its home port in Washington state in December.