Grounded Replace Provides Flying Bugs Like Bees And Mosquitos To The Xbox And PC Recreation


The next update for Obsidian’s adventure survival game Grounded is here, adding flying insects to the Xbox and PC titles for the first time.

Mosquitoes, fireflies, and bees are now invading the world of Grounded, adding to the ground-dwelling insects such as ants and spiders. In a blog post, Obsidian said flying insects had been one of the most requested features by the community since it was launched.

In addition to the insects themselves, the new update includes other crafting items that deal with the new winged creatures. These new items include beer armor, a Firefly headlamp, and the mosquito needle. You have to kill the animals yourself first before you can craft the items.

On top of all of this, Obsidian has added a new shield that you can make from weevil parts. This shield allows you to block certain attacks that could not be blocked before.

The new Grounded update also offers further updates on quality of life. Especially when you die, you no longer have to find your way back to your backpack to retrieve your items. Instead, these items only stay with you after you die. In addition, equipped items no longer take up inventory space.

“We hope players love these bugs and updates as much as we made them,” said Obsidian.

Grounded remains in early access on Xbox and PC. Developer Obsidian is now owned by Microsoft and the company is working on a new role-playing game called Avowed, in addition to an alleged sequel to The Outer Worlds.

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