Grounded Provides Flying Bugs With The Newest Replace

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Grounded added a new major update to the game that includes flying insects as part of nature. Xbox Game Studios and Obsidian Entertainment revealed details about the latest addition to the game, as you can now see bees hovering in the air along with some other creatures that happen to have wings and soar overhead very menacingly. Funnily enough, this was a huge fan request to add these insects to the game to add some variety and life to the land you are playing on. You can read about it a little below and check out the developer diary which goes into more detail about what this update has in store.

People who don’t like bees won’t be too happy to see this thing flying around. Courtesy Obsidian Entertainment.

As the population of the creatures in Grounded grows with these new additions, there are even more items for players to craft. For this update, Bee Armor, a Firefly Head Lamp, and the Rapier-style Mosquito Needle are new recipes that players can research and craft once they’ve fixed the new bugs. But that’s not all! Players can now craft a shield from weevil pieces that players can use to block attacks that previously couldn’t be blocked.

Along with the new creatures and crafting recipes, some new quality of life features have been implemented. According to community feedback, equipped items no longer take up inventory space and equipped item slots instead. Not only that, when a player dies, all equipped items remain on the character, making it easier to travel back to their backpack so that their items can be recovered less painfully. We hope players love these bugs and updates as much as we made them! As always, we hope to hear what our community thinks of these new creatures as we continue to build on our Xbox Game Preview experience together.

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