Gardening Q&A: Get forward of the curve on stemming azalea lace bug harm


While the insects suck and remove this chlorophyll-containing tissue directly under the epidermis, the leaves look characteristic yellow-green dotted, similar to mite damage. And if the infestation is severe, they can become even more chlorotic and sometimes have a bleached appearance. The leaves become dry, discolored and drop heavily infested plants. Not only is this activity unsightly, but over time it also decreases plant vitality and can predispose the plant to stress. Repeated severe infestation can ultimately lead to death. So the pests have been acting on the underside of the leaves more or less from your point of view all along. Examine the underside of the leaves and there you will see the nymphs, adults and the cast skins, as well as the brown / black patches of feces.