Gardening knowledgeable JJ van Rensburg’s recommendation for garden weed


Karin Butler from Hermanus writes: I have large Berea grass lawns that are hardy and always beautiful and green, but recently I noticed that these weeds (pictured) are gaining the upper hand. It spreads quickly and has a pretty white bloom that attracts a lot of bees, so I’m scared of spraying the lawn and harming them. Any advice for me?

JJ replies: Fortunately, since herbicides are not formulated against insects, you can treat the berea (LM) grass with a herbicide without damaging the lawn or harming the bees. It’s important to use a selective foliage herbicide and double the amount of water you add to the concentrate so the spray doesn’t get too strong.

To make sure the chemicals don’t change the color of the grass, it’s also important to apply a nitrogen-rich fertilizer such as 7: 1: 3 first and then wait two weeks before spraying. Use Versus, Turfweeder, or Super Lawn Weeder and repeat the process after three weeks. To reduce the chance of harming the bees, spray in the late afternoon as these insects are most active in the morning.

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